Whhaayyyyhaakeboarding Norfolk!

Finally, the summer’s here and we’re all well and truly glad to be away from the British monsoon season: May and June. :-/

Quick ‘life-stuff’ update: (not ‘life’ as in the deep and meaningful crap, not this time anyway- I just mean ‘life’ as apposed to ‘work’ in the ‘work/life’ balance kinda way. There’s at least 3 ‘work’ posts queued up now… if I don’t get something written tonight I’m going to be annoyed at myself…this post has been in draft for too long, already having undergone several rehashes already as it goes out of date a little more each day…)

Happily, I’ve made it out for a few more kitesurfing sessions, and I’m starting to get the hang of things despite some rather pants wind. Riding ‘fakie’ is my big issue. Leading with my right foot for years as a snowboarder (‘goofy’ for those of you who wanna know the boarding lingo) means I’m not so hot with my left foot leading.

So, when fellow kitesurfer (yeh, I’m calling myself that now…wot?!) and wakeboarding instructor Leigh aka ‘Wakeboarding Norfolk‘ who was watching me suffer on my lessons at Old Hunstanton-suggested that practicing riding fakie while Wakeboarding might help…I thought I’d give it a go.

3 sessions at the stunning Leziate Lake (near King’s Lynn) later; and after plenty of faceplants, some aches in muscles I didn’t know I had I’m now pretty happy on the water/wake behind the boat, getting up is easy now (plenty of practice at the hardest part..) and I’m getting used to going in and out of the wake – (with occasional shouts from Leigh) so I’m just about ready to ‘stick it to the left’…and just as well, session #4 is coming up next Monday; “Ladies Day” at the lake…and I’ve got a plan to get fakie. No pressure then!

Wakeboarding Norfolk is new to Leziate Lake, and, as I’m sure will come to no suprise to anyone who knows me, I’ve started to help a little with the existing website: (currently a Google site, though soon to be lingo) www.wakeboardingnorfolk.co.uk and facebook page: facebook.com/wakeboardingnorfolk plus some photography…etc etc…

They’re really an ace bunch of people – (more on that later) and for now there’s more work to do – logo design, some print…gift vouchers, posters…more pics and so on. And after I’ve nailed the fakie-foot-fing…I wanna get jumping… (see above). Again… “yeh, wot?!” lol!

So work *(late night, like this post) is underway. But I already like this bringing together of the web and water…. 😉   Wish me left luck for Monday. I’ll keep you posted.