Eco Warriorz – Poem


I said I’d never do Boomtown again, but got talked ’round, and I’m so glad I did. Growing from 30 to 200 Eco Warriorz was a call to arms that could not be ignored. Plus the call came from the power-house-of-awesomeness Jo, and she’s hard to say no to! She also promised a buggy, but more on that later!!

The huge team was divided up, and the 3o-something INCREDIBLE crew I ended up with could not have been better. Each and every one of them, in some way had a gift or lesson to give me and I count myself utterly blessed to have met and worked with them all. We roamed the campsites, spreading the Eco-Initiative messages, helping people separate their recycling, pledging to leave no trace and generally being green and great.

As we gathered and got ready to face each day – I would start off with a little team chat. A motivational hello to set the day up. On Saturday night, at 3am, as I was thinking through the next morning’s chat, and as I planned what I wanted to say, it started take on a different shape to my normal ‘off-the-top-of-my-head’ chat and so I wrote the following down so I could deliver it to the team the next day.

If there’s an area you don’t normally go to, go there. Go and roam.

Fresh faces in new places gets the people making changes.
There’s always a new ear or two, who are ready to listen to you.
So do what you do do, so greenfully well and spread the message we were sent here to tell.

Pull the tent pegs, pack the pop ups, hold eco bond bags open wide.
Encourage, enthuse, support and give strength, to your brothers and sisters, sharing lows and the highs.

2minutecampclean and get the job done, celebrate, find a mate and move the fuck on.

Be it whispered or sung, chatted, chanted or rhymed,
Let your voices be heard let our spirits full shine.

May your heart be forever green, and your campsite forever clean.

Reward the medals, spray the tentcils, hashtag TakeYourTentHome!

For today is the day we protect Mother Earth,
Our provider, our home, our mother, our birth.

Go forth Eco Warriorz and push through the pain, like together we battled the storms, winds and rains.

It’s been a blast,
It’s been fast,
What a crazy fucking ride,
Boomtown twenty nineteen please stay by my side.

Hold hands, hug one another as much as you dare,
The hangover is imagined, it’s not really there,
For “the future is in your hands”
But it’s also…in theirs.

With huge special loves to, Louis, Ollie and Ben, but to all the Warriorz, thank you so much for being an awesome team, for making it one to never forget – for doing all the Eco Warriorz work with love in your hearts, and finally, for encouraging and inspiring me to share words with you in person and in the so-often neglected blog afterwards. I write stuff like this all the time, and it never ever leaves the notes app in my phone. This time, for the first time it has, and it feels really fucking good. Thank you.

‘Til Next Year Amigos. x x x
* so long as we have a buggy/bikes!