Fakie nailed!

It was Ladies Day with Wakeboarding Norfolk on Monday, and as promised, I’m here with news of my fakie exploits!

Oh yehhhhh, oh yehhh, I’m sure you can tell by the boastful title and smug tones that I nailed the switch! With plenty of help from Guy’s driving and Leigh’s shouting and pointing (he’d call it ‘tuition’ ;)), but I did it….and back again!

Ok, so I face-planted a few times trying – but, I suppose that’s how you learn. More Wakeboarding planned for Friday. Think I’m going to push for some big air. Holy Camoly, I know!

Meanwhile the new, improved website is well under development, along with designs for banners, t-shirts & hoodies and gift vouchers.

Only question is how long I can keep earning wake time with design 😉