Purpose, Passion, Projects, Profession.

I’m somewhat seasonal, and I like it that way.

In Spring (it’s early April 2024, and spring is in bloom as I write this)… I tend to mostly concentrate on activism with Extinction Rebellion UK (XR). After coordinating The Big One last year, bringing nearly 100,000 to London to demand action on climate and raise awareness of biodiversity loss – it looks like there’ll be another major march on the capital in June. It’s likely that is going to keep me pretty busy for the next few months.

In the summer, I’m mostly found in festival fields – campsites to be exact – organising 100s of Eco Warriorz and their eco-incentive-behaviour-change antics, or taking part in panels, speaking on topics of activism, the empowerment of action and eco-engagement.

In Autumn and Winter  – as well as recovering from the madness of festival work, I return to my roots as a graphic designer with my company Lingo Design. What was once a team of 8 developers, designers and project crew in Norfolk, has slowly, gently and naturally downsized to just me, in Devon. Most of the Norfolk work is now being handled by the lovely Gary and his team at Steele Media, with one or two exceptions and post-move Devon/ Exeter based clients. I create branding and website designs exclusively for eco-conscious and ethical companies.

All year round, I Rise & Shine – with the positive wake-up app I made with my hypnotherapist friend Matt Searle. Launched on World Mental Health day 2023, it’s slowly gathering pace with 500+ downloads in both app stores and 5* ratings. It’s a powerful little app – free so it’s affordable for those who need it most, like I did. It helped me get out of depression, it’s helped me get sober too.

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