The ‘spotlight-on-yourself’, slightly-skin-crawling bit.

I also do these things a lot : firstly, I manage a Graphic Design Studio with some awesome people. This pays the bills (just). Work comes first. I followed that adage; ‘If you find a job you enjoy, you never work again’. And it’s true, well, sort of. There’s still work, it’s just more enjoyable, so it’s less of a hardship.

Having become bitten by the volunteering bug I’m trying to manage a healthy work/life balance…I think this is made harder by the peer assumption that ‘work is work’ and you should only do 8 hours of it a day.

I try to grow vegetables in my garden, but invariably I fail, because I forget I have a garden while I’m Wakeboarding, Snowboarding, Kitesurfing…or building a winch.

Watching videos, (especially RSA ones) reading blogs, articles and books (mostly online) about pro-social behaviour, psychology,  education, humanities, the developing world, the science of conscience, environmental issues and a host of other, sometimes related topics and occasionally just extreme sports is pretty much my favourite way to spend ‘non-work’ time (after going to festivals, of course) and I like to debate the resulting brainwaves with interesting people wherever and whenever possible.

Some might describe me as a bit of a hippy; my friend Robert often does, but then, he’s a geek. What facts help describe me? I’m a vegetarian. I don’t have a telly, I like being barefoot.

I avoid single-use plastics where possible. Somewhat in contradiction (it may seem), I love new technology – have an iPad, an iPhone and a MacBook Pro, (not boasting, these are just tools of the trade) but I worry that I have been fueling the carbon emissions in other countries – once a bit of a petrol head – motorbikes especially, but I stopped because of the pointlessness of it.


Sometimes I wear smart things to work, but I struggle to be ‘suited and booted’ for long – in truth; I would be happier if every day was a fancy dress day.

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