Facing It

Content warning. Injury detail.

(Copied from Facebook)
Pictures lower so you don’t have to look if you’re squeamish

It’s Valentines Day (yey) I’m riding my bicycle home from meeting a friend (no romance for me), I’m getting up speed, down a hill, on a cambered corner, nearly home – I’m cranked over, wind through my hair – loving life – and suddenly… my handlebars go.

There was a milli second when I remember feeling it happen – the handlebars twisted fully to the left, and my front wheel to the right…and the road was unexpectedly coming toward me. But there was nothing I could do – I was going too fast. I smashed straight into the tarmac, face first. I hit so hard, I bounced… off my face.

I know I rolled, because (as well as seeing the blood still on the road days later, see pic) I ended up some way away from my bike …. on all fours, claret pouring from my nose and feeling very dizzy. I may have blacked out a bit, I can’t really remember, the pain was intense.

The result: broken nose, split lip, black eyes, skin grazes and a lot of bruises and swelling. I’ve had a headache ever since and I can’t breathe properly through my nose. Apparently along with the break, I have a deviated septum. Sleep is somewhat evasive. I had bone realignment surgery a week or so ago – and despite the superficial healing being nearly done with, I’m still not having a great time.

Had a check up today and as well as a lot of internal swelling and bruising. I have a deviated septum and bits of cartilage and bone floating around my nose …and I still can’t wear my glasses.

The healing is amazing – my bruises (there were many) and skin grazes (hands, knees, elbows, face) are almost completely gone. My split lip (inside and out) is all sealed up – and the visible face swelling is all but gone. However, this was a major head injury and it’s taking time to heal more than just the superficial stuff.

I’ll ride my bike again (thanks for fixing it Dad) and I’m so very lucky I didn’t lose my teeth or cause serious damage to my noggin – but it has been very traumatic and I have to admit – although I’m over the worst of it – I’m still not doing great.

This of course, came at a time when I was working on major (exciting) changes at Lingo Design, getting somewhere with Rise & Shine, working way too many stressful hours on The Big One campaign for Extinction Rebellion UK and trying to get Eco Warriorz ready for the summer season. So, I hate to admit it – but I’m pretty swamped, tired and according to the Drs today, I’m not healing brilliantly.


So, I’m really sorry if I’m behind on messaging you… I’m sorry if you’ve not heard from me in a while, or if you’re waiting for me on something. I’m back at work – and doing all the other things – I keep thinking I’m ok and doing a bit too much – but then realising I’m still a bit intermittent, and my mojo just ain’t what it was for the moment. Plus there’s a backlog of work.

This may take a little more time. I’m getting there… I’m just not as invincible as I thought – and I need to start facing it.

Thank you for the support I’ve had from family and friends, especially Liv -and just… please be patient with me? xxx