Lifestyles Festival

lingoblog imageExtreme Sports and Culture festival in Hunstanton, Norfolk.

After 5 years of marketing support, I found myself at the helm of Lifestyles Festival. A not-for-profit, free extreme sports and culture festival in Hunstanton, Norfolk.

Despite council cuts of £50k and a dwindling committee, there was a lot of love for thYourLocalPaper_sme event. So, with an appeal to raise awareness and bring in new lift to the team, and a crowdfunder campaign raising £25,000, the festival was saved from extinction.

The hurdles for the event were mountainous, but, with street art, skate ramps, parkour and the National Kitesurfing Competitions – volunteers came on board and it was made possible. 2014, despite the cold and rain was an absolute blast; special thanks to Highline Extreme, our Headline Sponsors.

Music line up was eventually complete, the VIP area and the streetdancers booked, the VW’s on the green, the app was created…and of course, keeping tabs on everything were The Admiral‘s PA announcements!


thanks to Kevin Elfleet for his pics – I didn’t have time to take any!