The Long Migration (actually it took about 10 mins)

I’ve packed my bags, said my farewells and I’ve upped sticks and relocated from Blogger to WordPress.

Unsurprising really, that I’ve finally taken this step. Life in blogger was all well and good (actually, it’s been very good for a lot of years) but I’ve been saying to my Lingo customers for a long time just how much WordPress has revolutionised blogging and web design.

I am marking this momentous occasion with a quick post before coming back and making it prettier.

I just wanted to date-stamp this one 😉

2 thoughts on “The Long Migration (actually it took about 10 mins)

    1. Thanks Robert – it’s been a long time coming! It’s amazing how a simple blogging platform can hold you back if you don’t evolve! 🙂

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