Save yourself from Saturday night TV

I should be writing a more comprehensive blog post.

I’ve managed to upload a load of photos, (to my MacBook from my iPhone and camera) I’ve managed to edit some Google Docs, send some emails and even keep a text conversation going throughout the evening. But I have to say, mostly tonight, I have been happily distracted by this sort of loveliness.


[soundcloud url=”″ params=”” width=” 100%” height=”450″ iframe=”true” /]


Ever since “Luc Forlorn liked Derek Hall” on Mixcloud, I’ve been on a beautiful audio tangent of discovery. It’s not often I get the time to stumble around music sites thusly. I had to share.

In other news – poster pictures coming soon of putting up posters around Downham with Pip, (I can tell you’re excited) also I’m booked to go to Morocco for a holiday in a few weeks and lastly, yesterday, I went to see Trashed Film with Em & Steve.

Now there’s something everyone could do with watching instead of watching Britain’s Got Talent like the rest of the UK*.


*I’m not saying I never have done, nor that I never enjoyed it – but there comes a time when other things matter more.