Tourism tweeting…. and being busy.

Lifestyles Festival work is cranking up a gear – Lingo work placement student Lea and I sat and just went through a list of things to do today that is as long as your arm!

At the top of it was – Lea – you must write a quick blog post… she said “but I’m so busy!!” and I said “blog about that then!” So, I’m setting the good example of practicing what I preach!

Just a quick few notes about what I’m up to: last night was the West Norfolk Tourism AGM at the gorgeous Hunstanton Princess Theatre with my ‘Lifestyles hat’ on – made some great contacts, including Mr Princess Theatre, Brian Hallard and his son Matt who opened the meeting with a very passionate intro about the venue, plus the Searles family…meeting with them next week…the lovely Cllr Carol Bowers who knew who I was though I was embarrassed I didn’t know who she was….plus a man from the Chamber, two local accommodation providers and some notable Council tourism bods.

I ate some great buffet (you know me, I was impressed – they had cake), and watched an interesting presentation about Tourism and then told the presenter Chris Skargill from Larken Gowen off about not being on twitter (he reassures me he will be one day) then I tweeted about it…and now have a LOT to do to follow up on all that before feeding back to the Lifestyles Committee at our own AGM tomorrow night.

Now, I’m off to the Downham Market New Heritage Centre steering group meeting in a minute… (Lingo are doing the new site) so I must dash… Phew! Has anyone seen my magic wand?!!