Pip Week!


Since Tuesday this week, I’ve been lucky enough to be accompanied by our newest recruit to the lingo/downhamweb team; Pip.

So far, in an action packed week, Pip (call him Phil if you’re being professional) has got stuck in with note taking, web editing, article writing, brainstorming, organising, making tea and, to be honest, pretty much anything I have thrown his way.

As work-experience peeps go, he’s raising the bar pretttttty high. He’s even met the Downham Market Mayor and started his own WordPress blog.


Despite his name simultaneously reminding me of one of the famous five and of spoken word/hip-hop genius Scroobious Pip, he has his own unique style, which, I believe this photo of us modeling our JTS Electrical T-Shirts (“gotta love a freebie”) shows.

Say Hi to him on Twitter @piptronic


Welcome Pip. Keep it up dude. #impressed