VW Key fob and VW KEYMAN business card


Could this be the end to me losing my car key?

I’d like to think so. 

I met Matt at DUBS AT THE HALL, a VW show in Norfolk. With a bright green ‘KEY MAN’ emblazoned on the back of his t-shirt, I thought it appropriate to share woes of my broken VW key fob.

“It was like that when I got it.” I explained, pointing to the bit where ‘the loop’ should be… and then went on to recount times I have ended up stranded (some with hilarious consequence) as a result of this silly, unattachable key; a simple black treasure, the essential ingredient to my transportation, and to me, freedom that is so ridiculously easy to lose. 

“I’m buying a new bit of kit soon and will be able to fix that for you if you like?” said Matt. Well of course, it was a yes, and we swapped contact details. Some months later, I get a call. “Still want me to come and fix your key?” As well as a keen ‘yes’ that resulted in my key finally being fixed, I’ve booked in a return visit to have a spare made.

If you have a VW and need a spare key or repair to your fob, call Matt. As well as a key dude, he’s a lovely fella too.

Small things are often key…

m: 07804 753022 | twitter.com/VW_KeyMan | facebook.com/VWKeyMan