Helter Skelter

A wild, illuminating ride…

With work (can it really be called that?) at 4 festivals already completed in 2016…and yet more on the horizon, my feet have barely touched the ground.

The bright, flashing lights and flapping festival flags whoosh past as I slide around and around, my hair, (often containing glitter) whips back behind me in the wind. It suddenly feels like adding Events services to the Lingo line-up is a distant memory. I’m just glad I grabbed a mat at the top!

Winter and Spring highlights include; thrashing my snowboard through deep, fresh powder down the Matterhorn, en-route to donning my ‘event crew’ t-shirt to become documentary film crew for the incredibly-talented-new-album-out-now Fraser Anderson (video coming soon) and (somewhat on the flip side of the coin) donning my apron for the out-of-this-world ‘People’s Front Room’, an established festival venue, to help set up a new green-room and kitchen, capable of feeding 30 artists in a field, for a week, on 2 gas rings, and managing* all the washing up… (and breathe…)!

*largely by way of delegation towards an already-supporting crew, but also by getting well stuck-in, setting up simple ‘systems’ such as hanging cutlery trays and pots and pans on bungees (am I sad, that this gave me so much pleasure) and using colour-coded micro-fibre cloths…small but crucial ergonomic designs. I knew my time as a kitchen porter would pay off one day.

From most recent then, 2016 has been;

I’ll get round to uploading pictures soon… honestly. For now, though, The Helter-Skelter at Hay On Wye will have to stand tall as a single image respresenting the momentum-gathering, g-force-generating, steep learning and most-of-all, full-on-fun times.

Thank you, universe (if that’s not too deep) and, if I may, can I ride again please?!