Three packed weeks in Bristol. Chewed up and spat-out by Google.

  • Working at PRSC & Stokes Croft China
  • Cleaning a flat in return for accommodation
  • Winching
  • Spotting people wearing maroon hoodies

My photos, the time and location they were taken, and no doubt a bunch of other info has been automatically sucked up by my Smart-but-very-dentable-Samsung into my Google account, and spat out as a ‘story’ for me to review and share. A format, for me which is far more appealing than facebook, and reminiscent of the days of blogger, I find myself doing so on G+ and even embedding into my own blog (here, below).

Because a significant part of the last 3 weeks has been spent debating the pros and cons of Google’s position on privacy,  because I’ve not blogged properly for over a month and largely because this new feature made it incredibly easy to share my content in an aesthetically pleasing way…I can’t decide whether this post is ironic or helps me to prove my vague point about Google’s pervasive information habits being a small price to pay for such features as Google Drive, and a spam-free-life in GMail, and it really not mattering enough to get upset about.

More privacy debates may help me to decide, I can see it as the thin-end of the wedge, but for now, there’s another bunch of battles I’m much more bothered about. Corruption in business and government, (and organising worthwhile action against it) pollution and waste (and doing as much as you can to reverse it), intensive farming of animals (we really like bacon and obesity  *that* much??),  community-led-property-ownership (makes sense) and pro-social behaviour (always) have my attention much more than Google’s privacy settings do – for now.

But maybe I’m missing something more sinister. Sadly, it seems highly likely. For now, I’ll pop it on the parcel-shelf of the mind-compartment and get on with my day, and I suppose that’s what I’m supposed to do…til next time. Or, it will niggle at me, and I’ll start Googling [!] for info on the topic…


Oh, and if a non-essential-plastic-underpart of your car falls off, and you don’t know what it’s called – blurting out “Nomenclature” as you dredge your vocabulary for a mechanical term for it is worth further discussion.