I, for once, am just taking a moment to be really proud of myself. I just went out running/walking/jogging. Ok, it wasn’t a marathon, it wasn’t even particularly fast, but it was just me, myself and the open road. I got of the sofa, got my trainers on and actually did it. This may not seem like a lot, especially if you’re a fitness fanatic. But it’s easily been 9 years since I last tried this sort of exercise and ended up with very painful (couldn’t walk) shin splints so for me it seems pretty big.

I have avoided it ever since, in fact, every time I run, even a little, my shins start to sting with the similar feeling to the dreaded full-blown shin splints and so I signed myself off this particular exercise even though I used love it; thinking I just wasn’t meant to run. The thing is, it’s one of the best, and cheapest, most easily available ways to burn a few calories, and I really need to start doing that. After a chat to a ‘proper runner’ who has ‘got through/over shin splints and some advice on how to deal with it, I realised it wasn’t impossible and tonight I bit the bullet.

So, there. That is all. I am not going to ‘do a Robbie’ (hello Robbie) and post all my times and become totally obsessive with it all (it’s just not in my nature -I admire that nature, but it’s not me!). I do plan to do the same again tomorrow. I will not be so proud if I don’t manage it. Please feel free to chase me up. Not literally though, I’m not fast enough… yet!


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